Solo EXhibition

2019, Aug. 21~31

Acqua,Amore Blu  水、青い愛                                                         unipon2kau2 art project space & bar

art project space & bar
art project space & bar
IMG_7033 (2)
work-1: 90x303cm



IMG_7042 (2)
work-2: 90x142cm
work 3
work 3: 90x120cm

The solo exhibition began on August 21.  *insatallation statement

The exhibition venue is u:ni:pon2kau2 art project space (Bar &Gallery). An artist whose owner also produces works using glass as a medium. Because the resin when he creates the work is scattered on the floor of the gallery, Overlaid with my blue work, it was a finished installation that could enter the sea scene.

Plastic products are one of the causes of ocean environmental problems. A message to keep the beautiful ocean was installed in my work with a plastic cup. The message is “Don’t miss it!”