A work theme

Dust of stir
– a spun full detail
The four dimension of the white paper of memory
The swelling sounding

Quiet sign
An overlap of the feather of a butterfly
Ground has darkened low
Coldness of knowledge puzzled

It weathers
Death of desert
It kneels, and the bone of the back is traced.
Persuade and lead
Dripping that spills from hand

My work, Bokusho, aim at the instauration to which refinement and the atmosphere are caused like the poem.
Atmosphere (tatazumai) exists as the one that becomes it naturally by being found to others’ eyes. It is the region which management doesn’t reach, and the region that permanently becomes non-existence if others’ eyes are non-existence. It is the region where no thing exists. However, the self-nature exists according to non-existence though it is the region where no thing exists.

The region is twisted with nothing and the denial. It is an atmospheric institution. It runs to the middle way of eight negations that Nagarjuna presents, the non-existence of existents devoid of self-nature is the theory of emptiness.
Eight negations,
the non-ceasing and the non-arising,
the non-annihilation and the non-permanence,
the non-identity and the non-difference,
the non-appearance and the non-disappearance.
Real existence is denied, the world of absolute truth is found. In the world, the spirit is untied, intuition shines, and it is said that it is a really wonderful stage will be opened.

I am doing the abstraction expression of the theory of Nagarjuna by the power of an attractive material of paper, sumi, and water. The act is a step to the wonderful world. And, I hope my instauration appears the atmosphere beauty found to others’ eyes.

The non-identity and the non-difference get twisted to the real aspect.
The beauty distributed from an atmospheric intuition.