Produce – 水咲 suisho


“水咲(すいしょう)” スライド

☆水咲のしずく音は周波数とパワースペクトルとの相関関係測定よりゆらぎの種類1/fと判定されています。 一般的にこの音は人の脳によい働きをするとされています。☆☆☆
平成16年度日本人間工学会 アーゴデザイン部会主催、コンセプト事例発表会に参加しました。
 *関連サイト ≫日本水琴窟フォーラム≫水音研究所 


Being close to drops of water, we find something new in ourselves.The world of water drops.
Now is the time when we make good friends with our own mind.
If you feel something mysterious about water, you will surely be interested in our relaxing vessels, “Suisho.”
Dripping water of “Suisho” talks to you to the water you hold fully in your heart.
Resonance with the sounds from the vessels will bear beautiful crystal flowers of water.
Relaxing Vessel “Suisho”
“Suisho” is a set of a cup to drip water, a jar with a hole at the bottom through which drips fall down, and a basin having water to make sounds of dripping water. You will be pleased to see water dripping and hear the sound as well. The set enables us to enjoy the sound of “Suikinkutsu” which is a traditional device of Japanese gardening in our rooms.
When you listen to the sound of “Suisho”, you will notice your mind is calmed down in silence. We recommend you not to try to listen to the sound but to be softly with the sound. You may enjoy the craft all by yourself and also of course with your friends. Take pleasure in being with “Suisho” to your heart content in many ways by putting some flowers, floating a candle, adding perfume and so on.