Miya Art

Miya Ozaki

About the Artist
The Artwork of abstract expression depend on 墨(sumi,indian ink).

A work theme is 空(emptiness) – It is the philosophy of primitive Buddhism.                The expression technique is Hatsuboku(潑墨) which started in the China・唐 era. It does not depend on the brush.

墨象(Bokusho) ― 潑墨(hatsuboku).                                  Abstract expression using the SUMI
文字(Moji) ― Calligraphy
Installation ― ”The Space of Mental Sheen “

Coordinate work - Media Art Hall
Curator work  ー Japan and Korean Traditional                                                                                                                                                                   handicrafts Exhibition                          Work shop  - Collage
Produce 「水咲suisho」― ”Relaxing Vessel – Being close to drops of water”
Shigaraki ware and ceramic art

Atmospheric Intuition 妙なる次元へ-Bourges(France)、Noale(Italy)、百済(Korea)
tatazumai-wiki - 扇/Fan
詩画・しずくの世界                                                                 Poetry book of paintings – A drop of world
謙虚・美  It is to the earth.

Companionship Exhibition of Japanese and Korean Contemporary Art

il Premio Italia (Italy) - ☆lL PREMIO FIRENZE(Italy) 2010,2009, 2008
韓国扇面展(Korea) – 2012~2001